About NMM Consulting Engineers


  1. Eng . Martin M. Nzomo. B.Sc (Hons). M.Sc, P . Eng. - EBK, MIEK. MlEE. MKIM , Chartered Engineer
  2. Eng . Mwalimu K. Musau. B.Sc(Hons) , M.Sc, C . Eng. - EBK, MIEK
  3. Eng. Alex Muumbo. B.Tech (Hons) . M.Sc, D.Eng, P . Eng. - EBK, MIEK

NMM Consulting Engineers Company Limited is a young wholly Kenyan-owned firm engaging mainly in Engineering Consultancy, Training and Project development. We aim at excellence, competence and thoroughness to the satisfaction of our clients.

NMM Consulting Engineers Limited offers consultancy services in Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering projects. These include development/authorization of detailed engineering designs and layouts, technical drawings, specifications, project costs and estimates, Bills of Quantities (BQs), tendering, supervision until handing over of the projects. We further liaise with Authorities such as County Governments, KENGEN, ERC, KP & LC. Ltd, KP & TC. , etc., concerning related Engineering services.


We offer consultancy services in the following areas:-
  1. CIVIL SERVICES: Building Design and Construction, Road Design & Construction, Dam Design and Construction, Airport Design and Construction
  2. MECHANICAL SERVICES: Plumbing (including foul water drainage) and sanitary fittings, Fire protection systems, Water tanks, booster pumps and water reticulation, Heating services including solar water heating system, Water treatment plants, Swimming pool/jacuzzi filtration plant, Boiler and steam services, Kitchen equipment layout, Laundry equipment layout, Piped gas services e.g. LPG, 02, N20, etc., Compressed air and vacuum systems, Refrigeration (coldstores and ice-making plants) systems, Mechanical ventilation systems (e.g. kitchen ventilation), Air conditioning system, Automatic control system including noise control, Under/over-ground storage tanks and petrol stations, Fountain and water display techniques, Material conveying and handling systems e.g., overhead cranes, cleaners, workshop machines/equipment.
  3. ELECTRICAL SERVICES: Lighting and power installation, Luminaires and accessories selection, Solar lighting and power installations, Power supply to equipment and plant, HV and LV power distribution, Fire detectors and alarm system, Swimming pool underwater lighting, Switchgear and controls protection system, Communication system e.g. , telephones, intercom, public address, PABX, MDF, etc., Security surveillance system and electric fencing, Lightning protection system, Lifts and escalators installation, Stand-by generator installation, Street lighting system and flood lights.