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This broad field covers control systems, telecommunications and signal processing, and can include elements of computer science and electronic engineering.

  1. Electrical Lighting and Power Installation.
  2. Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution.
  3. Electrical Sub-Stations.
  4. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.
  5. Generating Plant Installation.
  6. Harmonic Analysis
  7. Incoming H.V. & L.V. Electrical Supply
  8. Lifts, Hoists and Escalators.
  9. Lightning Protection
  10. Reliability Assessment
  11. Street Lighting.
  12. Uninterruptible Power Supply Installations.


Civil Engineering is a broad topic within engineering that includes the planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of buildings and man-made structures, whether that be bridges, roads, skyscrapers or your neighbor's new addition to their house.

Our services encompases the following broad areas;
Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, Construction Technology, Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Construction Materials

  1. Site Plan Layout
  2. Topographic Survey
  3. Large Scale Grading
  4. Traffic Analysis
  5. Landscaping/Irrigation Coordination
  6. Site Evaluation & Feasibility Studies
  7. Wetlands Delineation Analysis & Planning
  8. USACE & NPDES Permitting
  9. Preliminary Plat Preparation
  10. Zoning/Planning Permitting
  11. Parking Lot Design
  12. Parks & Recreational Facilities
  13. Sanitary Sewer
  14. Storm Sewer
  15. Water Transmission & Distribution System
  16. Water & Waste Water Treatment
  17. Pump Stations & Force Main
  18. Storm Water Management Design
  19. Natural Gas Services
  20. Storm Detention & Retention Basins
  21. Utility Relocation Design
  22. Stormwater Quality Best Management Practices
  23. Drainage Studies
  24. Roadway Improvement & Reconstruction
  25. Embankment & Soil Stabilization
  26. Roadway Safety Upgrades
  27. Pavement Design
  28. Pavement Rehabilitation Design
  29. Bike & Hike Trails
  30. Bridge Structure Type Studies
  31. Bridge Hydraulic Analysis
  32. LRFD Level 2 Bridge Design
  33. Bridge Rehabilitation Design
  34. Concrete Slab & Box Culvert Design
  35. Maintenance of Traffic Plans
  36. Project Funding/Grant Preparation


Discover the Mechanical Engineering Technology channel at NMM Consulting Engineers and discover an authoritative new voice in technology offering consultancy for the novice, the student and the practicing professional.

  1. Acoustics.
  2. Air Compressors and Compressed Air Services.
  3. Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems.
  4. Caesar II
  5. Calorifier Plants.
  6. Cooling Water Systems.
  7. Energy management
  8. Fire Protection Services.
  9. Food Preparation, Cooking and Conveying.
  10. Hot and Cold Water Services.
  11. Industrial Projects. Heating Installations.
  12. Inventor
  13. Mechanical Vibrations and Isolation.
  14. Medical Gases Services.
  15. Medical Vacuum Systems.
  16. Plant 3D
  17. Plumbing
  18. Pressure Vessels/Tanks/Exchangers
  19. Pumps/Fans/Compressors/Boilers/Chillers
  20. Refrigeration Installation and Cold Stores.
  21. Refuse Collection and/or Disposal.
  22. Steam Services Condensate Return Systems.
  23. Thermal Preparation.

Our Portfolio (Name of project handled)

  • Nyamira Divisional HQ's. NYAMIRA (DesignjBQ/ Supervision)
  • Turkana Base Camp KIBISH-LODWAR (DesignjBQ/ Supervision)
  • Magadi & Mashuru Divisional Offices & Lines(Design Work)
  • Proposed Nursery School SOUTH 'C'-NAIROBI (Turnkey Projects Ltd)
  • Kibish Divisional HQ's. LODWAR (MOPW)
  • Kitale Divisional HQ's. KITALE (MOPW)
  • Kibish Divisional Offices and Lines - LODWAR (MOPW)
  • Nakuru Housing Phase II NAKURU (MOPW)
  • Government Chemist-KISUMU (MOPW)
  • West Pokot Divisional HQ's. KAPENGURIA (MOPW)
  • Langata Dog Section NAIROBI (MOPW)
  • Kenya Forestry College LONDIANI Joel E.D. Nyaseme & Associates (Joel E.D. Nyaseme & Associates)
  • Proposed 3No. District Offices - NAIROBI (MOPW)
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NMM Consulting Engineers Company Limited is a young wholly Kenyan-owned firm engaging mainly in Engineering Consultancy, Training and Project development. We aim at excellence, competence and thoroughness to the satisfaction of our clients.

NMM Consulting Engineers Limited offers consultancy services in Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering projects. These include development/authorization of detailed engineering designs and layouts, technical drawings, specifications....